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Formaspace Office to Showcase Vintage Conference Table at NeoCon 2019

Formaspace Office, a leading custom office furniture manufacturer, will showcase a height-adjustable vintage conference table along with other custom designs at booth #7062 on the 7th floor at NeoCon 2019. Formaspace Office, a leading custom furniture-manufacturer, is pleased to be headed to Chicago this June to attend NeoCon for their 3rd consecutive year. Their team […]

Formaspace Office, Custom Furniture Manufacturer, Showcases Co-Creation Solutions at Booth #7062 NeoCon 2019

In a world of cookie-cutter furniture designs, Formaspace Office breaks the mold by allowing its clients deep into the custom furniture manufacturing process — to produce creative, flexible office environments that speak to each client’s unique, authentic brand vision and message. As the world’s architects, interior designers, and office planners convene at the annual NeoCon […]

The Power of Co-creation in Designing Flexible Office Spaces

Modern work overloads us with information while asking that we make valuable connections to seed progress. To make these connections, without burning out, our offices must be designed to support our growth and well-being. They must be dynamic to support the array of needs we have at work and in life, from deep focus to […]

How Office Design Impacts Collaboration & Communication in the Workplace?

Communication plays an unsubstitutable role in the world of modern work. As technology changes the way we interact in real time, at lightning speed, the nature of communication in the workplace changes in tandem. And we’ve become more appreciative for this role it plays in connecting and aligning our diverse teams who are often geographically […]

The Flexible Office Is the New Trend?

It is through superior office design that a fluid, healthy, and productive work culture can be fostered — one wherein the value of relaxation and union are both recognized and leveraged, and where work, in its motley forms, is given the correct support needed to flourish. The debate on whether ‘open’ or ‘closed’ design lends […]

What’s the Key to Signature Work in Office Design?

The dream of anyone working on the edge of design is to leave a legacy of built work; a physical portfolio that realizes vision. In commercial interior design, the challenge is thickened to meet client needs, both purely functional and more difficult to measure (i.e. culture and brand-related) — through drawings; shapes, lines, and forms. […]

How to Handle the Pivot from Standard to Custom Furniture in the Contract Industry

Times are changing rapidly in the contract furniture world. From open-plan offices to curated spaces, the market is demanding unique furniture designs you won’t see anyplace else. Yet, many of us still find the thought of commissioning custom furniture to a be a daunting proposition. But the truth is — it’s not anymore. We asked […]

Orgatec 2018: American & European Office Design Trends Converging or Diverging?

Formaspace Office toured the international office furniture exposition ORGATEC 2018 held in Cologne, Germany. Here is our report on the top trends in European office design.  As 2018 comes to a close, Jeff Turk, Formaspace’s CEO, and Jodi Gaines, Formaspace’s Office Brand Manager, crossed the pond to attend the biennial office contract furniture exposition ORGATEC […]

How Social Spaces Help Foster a Creative Corporate Culture

Are you familiar with the recent phenomenon of companies creating dedicated social spaces to encourage their employees to interact with one another face-to-face at the office? We take a look at why leading-edge companies — from Google to Hyatt Hotels Corporation — are investing in social spaces, which are designed to build a cohesive workplace […]

Should Your Company Embrace Reverse Mentoring?

Organizations today are faced with a unique challenge: management needs to encompass the needs and skill sets of the most diverse labor workforce ever. Although workforces that comprise multiple generations is not new, the span of years represented has never been so wide. Many workplaces today are represented by four generations. Two camps, the Millennials […]