Shipping Policy

Get a fixed shipping quote on our carrier using your preferred method of delivery, or you can ship on your own account using you preferred carrier of choice. However, using your own shipping services has its own pros and cons. Please discuss all the possibilities with your Formaspace Office Representative before deciding.

Planning your order’s delivery is critically important to a successful lab design project. We will lead you through a structured shipment process, considering needs applicable to your work space. A few things you may want to consider when speaking with your rep include:
  • Our products might be heavy to unload by hand. Please inform your dedicated rep if you need a truck lift gate.
  • Please let us know in advance if delivery will be made to a limited access facility.
  • We usually ship our product using a standard 53 foot, 18-wheeler truck. Does your facility provide an unloading area for such a vehicle?
  • How wide are your doorways, elevators, hallways, or other critical constraints?
  • To protect the products during shipment, we use very substantial packing materials which will need to be disposed of.
Formaspace Office uses FedEx Freight Priority & FedEx Freight Economy for delivering shipments.